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Cornucopia Institute Foiled By USDA


The Cornucopia Institute has received a determination letter dated September 27th from the USDA-AMS dismissing a formal complaint against Aurora Dairy Farm in Colorado. The action relates to a formal complaint against that livestock had been denied outside access which the Cornucopia Institute considers to be essential for organic certification. The fact that commercial dairies can operate at densities of ten cows per acre compared to one cow per acre for small organic dairy farms (of questionable profitability) has created an adversarial situation between the Cornucopia Institute and USDA-AMS.

Similar complaints have been raised against large organic egg producers providing outside access in the form of sun porches on large in-line complexes. Cornucopia Institute has sought to disqualify large dairies and egg producers under the USDA organic program. Their efforts are less directed at maintaining the integrity of the USDA organic seal than eliminating competition for the benefit of their membership.

(SMS 1,579-17 October 3rd 2017)