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Post Holdings Q4 Results Obscure Financial Performance of Michael Foods


The Q4 results for Post Holdings (POST) released on November 21st did not reveal details of the financial performance of subsidiary Michael Foods acquired in 2014 for $2.45 billion. Sales and operating profit of the egg production and processing activities are now assigned to the Refrigerated and Foodservice Segments respectively in common with other food items.

For the 4th Quarter ended September 30th POST recorded a loss of $61 million on total company sales of $1.44 billion with an EPS of $(0.84). For the corresponding Q4 of FY 2018 POST lost $18 million on sales of $1.63 billion with an EPS of $(0.26)


The Foodservice Segment includes egg products and potatoes. Operating profit was $40 million on sales of $417 million.


The Refrigerated Segment, including eggs and prepared foods yielded an operating profit of $22.3 on sales of $219 million.


POST recorded a 4th Quarter charge of $14.6 million on the AllWhites Brand that is now to be marketed as Bob Evans Egg Whites