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K-9 Hero Act Introduced into Congress


Representative Ron Wright (R-TX) has introduced the K-9 Hero Act into the House. The bill is intended to create a grant program to assist non-profits that provide homes for retired military and law enforcement dogs and will in addition provide financial assistance to owners for medical expenses.

The contribution of working dogs in the military was highlighted by the recent critical action in Syria in which a military dog, a veteran of numerous missions was injured.

We have a moral obligation to care for retired military and law enforcement dogs in the same way that we provide for members of the military and first responders. Given the value of military dogs in averting injury and death among our forces and reducing expenditure of resources by the Veterans Administration, the least we can do is care for our canines after they are no longer active.

The American Humane Society has operated programs placing retired dogs with discharged veterans to their mutual benefit. The K-9 Hero Act will extend this worthy initiative.