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World Food Prize Foundation Appoints New President


Barbara Stinson will succeed Kenneth Quinn as the retiring president of the World Food Prize Foundation after a 20-year term.

The World Food Prize Foundation recognizes leading agriculture scientists who have made contributions to alleviation of hunger. The prize valued at $250,000 commemorates the contributions of Dr. Norman Borlaug, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 and numerous U.S. and international awards. He is regarded of the father of the “green revolution” through his seminal work on improving varieties of wheat.

The World Food Prize Foundation was established by John Ruan, an Iowan entrepreneur. His civic philanthropy is continued by his son, John Ruan, III the present Chairman of the Foundation.  Currently 80 corporate, private and government donors contribute to the Foundation. The annual awards ceremony attracts 1,200 attendees from 65 nations and incorporates a symposium to address global food security and nutrition.