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Food Technology Highlights Japanese Cuisine


Kelly Hensel, senior digital editor for Food Technology points to the growing interest in Japanese cuisine. This is in part in anticipation of the 2020 summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo coupled with increased travel to Japan.  Hensel highlights soufflé pancakes a traditional Japanese delicacy featured on social media with a strong following (#soufflepancake). 


The fluffy texture is achieved by applying the functional properties of egg whites.  If the soufflé pancake becomes a U.S. staple and is not simply a fad, demand for egg-whites will increase.  For every quantity of egg white there will be a surplus of yolk.  Fortunately there is a steady demand for liquid and dried yolk by Japan to be incorporated into noodles. With the advent of the bilateral Japan-U.S. trade agreement, Japanese cuisine may benefit the egg industry from increased demand for products both in the U.S. and across the Pacific.