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Supermarket Chains Investing in Technology


In order to implement effective click-and-collect and curbside pickup programs, supermarkets are adopting packaged technology from specialist developers.


Lowes’ Foods has partnered with Radius Networks for the FlyBuy Pickup Service using proprietary AI technology. FlyBuy Pickup allows customers to communicate with the store to facilitate collection. Shoppers are notified when an order is ready and customers can indicate their proximity to a store and the time to collect an order.


Jeff Baskin, Executive VP of Global Partnerships at Radius Networks, noted “Our goal at Radius Networks is to help our partners improve the customer and staff experience with the growth of click-and-collect programs.” He added “We have built our solution to provide customers with location updates along their journey and provide accurate updates to Lowes’ Foods so that they can be as efficient as possible.” 


It is understood that H-E-B and Whole Foods have similar efficient systems limiting customer waiting time. 


Weis Markets and Brookshire Grocery Company have established relationships with Mercatus to improve online grocery shopping. The Mercatus Aisle One system has designed a “personalization intelligence engine” to analyze customer data including dietary preferences and demographics, providing services to the shopper. There are obvious advantages to Weis and Brookshire, who operate a Mercatus integrated commerce platform. Aisle One will be integrated to achieve faster check-out and make more optimal a use of in-store associates preparing orders. It is noted that Savemart, WinCo Foods, Piggly Wiggly, and Giant Tiger use the Mercatus E-commerce platform.


It is evident that to be successful in the retail food market, supermarket chains have to provide superlative service on multiple levels. This requires the application of advanced technology including remote sensing and robotics but with integration of systems that benefit the chain