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Munters Welcomed As a Sponsor


Munters Corporation has joined major manufacturers and suppliers of North American and International poultry equipment and services as a co-sponsor of CHICK-NEWS and EGG-NEWS.

The Company designs, develops and manufactures equipment for climate control, dehumidification, heating and abatement of pollution for a wide range of industries and agricultural applications. Munters can provide turnkey ventilation installations and components for retrofits compatible with a wide range of house configurations and flock densities.  

The ventilation range includes exhaust and turbulence fans up to 51 inches in diameter together with cones, louvers, air inlets, light baffles, controllers and evaporative cooling. Munters systems are supplied with sensors and warning systems all with user-friendly and practical features.

Munters supplies installations and components for pharmaceutical plants, supermarkets, the electronic, defense and aerospace industries, healthcare locations and chemical plants in addition to agricultural and livestock housing.

The Company provides assistance in the design and installation of systems and deploys a comprehensive service capability. Munters maintains an inventory of spare parts and provides kits for on-farm maintenance and repair.

Munters Celdek ® has received Green Guard Certification and VariMax ® fans carry USDA Equipment Acceptance Certification.

Munters is an established leader in designing ventilation equipment that contributes to optimal performance and to sustainability through efficient displacement of air relative to energy input.

Additional information on specific components of ventilation systems for broiler and egg-production installations can be obtained from the company website that can be accessed by clicking on the Munters logo on the right side of the welcome page.