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OVO-Vision Introduces Software Integrating On-Farm Scanning, Records and Logistics


OVO-Vision has upgraded software to allow on-farm scanning of consignments of eggs to be transported to packing plants and distribution centers. The software accommodates split- deliveries and integrates flock records, traceability and invoicing.

OVO-Vision software creates a “paperless office” for drivers collecting eggs to be transferred to various destinations. The new software permits eggs collected from a specific farm to be delivered to either packing or breaking plants with complete records relating to pricing, invoicing, return of pallets and trays.

Trace-back information is maintained on specific lots, flocks of origin, egg-classification, production date and any additional required data. Advantages associated with the system include direct delivery to distribution centers, to retail or breaking plants in a single farm collection. This avoids handling at the packing station representing a biosecurity risk. Integration in planning and execution of transport contributes to lower cost and sustainability. Software supplied by OVO-Vision ensures correct invoicing and pricing of product, retention of quality data and automatic adjustment of inventory.

Additional information on the OVO-Vision upgrade is available by clicking onto the OVO-Vision logo on the right side of the welcome page or accessing