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Beijing Clamps Down on Plastic Use


Following the 2018 ban on importation of plastic waste for recycling, authorities in China have introduced strict measures to reduce the use of plastic, especially in food distribution.


By the end of 2020, non-biodegradable plastic bags will be banned from major cities. Plastic utensils and containers for take-out food will be replaced by biodegradable alternatives with a target of 30 percent elimination of all plastics by 2025.


The National Bureau of Statistics documented  production of 60.4 million metric tons of plastic in 2018 requiring a commensurate program for either recycling or disposal of plastic waste.


According to the report by Stephanie Yang, in the January 21st edition of The Wall Street Journal, fines will be levied against restaurants and companies contravening regulations. More important, in the context of Chinese society, naming and shaming will do more to reduce single-use plastic containers.