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Federal Agencies Clamp Down on Spurious Covid-19 Claims


The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission have sent warning letters to seven companies making unsubstantiated claims relating to prevention or cure of Covid-19 infection. Among the recipients of FDA attention is Jim Bakker, previously a televangelist and convicted felon, having served four years in prison for fraud before his electronic rehabilitation. Six companies have made unsubstantiated and unscientific claims relating to Covid-19 for their products.  Noncompliance with warning letters within 48 hours may result in enforcement action including seizure of products, injunctions, and mandatory refunds for consumers.

Jim Bakker


FDA Commissioner, Dr. Stephen Hahn stated “The FDA considers the sale and promotion of fraudulent Covid-19 products to be a threat to public health.”  FTC Chairman, Joe Simons stated “What we don’t need in this situation are companies preying on consumers by promoting products with fraudulent prevention and treatment claims.”