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JUST Announces Distribution Partnerships and Also Adult Supervision


In a company release, JUST announced partnerships to distribute their synthetic vegetable-based egg product in Latin America, the EU and East Asia.


Partners include SPC Samlip of South Korea, the PT Betagro Group of Indonesia and Grupo Bimbo in Latin America.  JUST has also partnered with the Eurovo Group and the PHW Group in the EU.


The advisory Board now includes Jacob R. Robbins, CEO of Emeterra, who was formerly an executive with Coca Cola.  Apparently JUST will distribute a concentrate that will be reconstituted, packed and sold in areas of operation. Dana Hollinger is a second addition to the Board.  She served previously with the California Public Employees Retirement System. 


Josh Tetrick

JUST claims that sales of its substitute egg product represents the equivalent volume of 30 million eggs over twelve months.  The figure may appear large to the uninitiated but in fact it represents a flock of 103,000 hens in constant production out of a population of 330 million or 0.4 percent of the national flock.  This is a far cry from the frequently voiced boast by Tetrick that his product would replace the entire hen population of the U.S.


It is questioned why Tetrick is attempting entry into markets in the EU, Latin America and Southeast Asia while his company has made little inroad into the domestic U.S market.