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Deliveries to Supermarkets Will Satisfy Demand


Both government and industry commentators have confirmed that there is no shortage of food in the U.S.  Empty shelves are a result of unprecedented panic buying by consumers concerned over lockdowns caused by COVID-19.


Noel White, CEO of Tyson Foods, stated “Once we are able to replenish supplies, which is probably going to take another week or so, I think we will be back in better equilibrium between supply and demand.”  White pointed to “imbalances” affecting supermarkets as a result of significantly higher purchases of eggs, beef, pork, and poultry.


To a large extent, the demand for animal protein at the supermarket level has been balanced by decreased supply to the food-service sector with virtual shutdown of restaurants, university dining facilities, and QSRs without drive-through installations.


The chicken industry has been quick to respond, moving from restaurant packs to tray packs.  Adding additional shifts and, in the case of one company, changing product mix at plants previously dedicated to food service presentations.