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AEB And EIC Will Have to Intensify Promotion of "Real Eggs"


According to press reports, Just, the company founded and managed by Josh Tetrick has entered into a strategic alliance with the Emsland Group in Germany.  This company manufactures pea-derived proteins for the food industry.  Emsland is a farmer-owned cooperative established in the 1930s.


Despite the rise in awareness of sustainability and welfare issues in Germany, Emsland and similar companies have not appreciably affected the increase in the number of hens providing eggs to the German population over the past few decades.  Germany is a major importer of eggs from other EU nations including Holland and Poland.


Univar Solutions Inc., a U.S.-based multinational, has introduced pea-based ingredients intended to displace eggs in bakery applications.  This company promotes the emulsifying properties of vegetable-based egg substitutes for sauces and mayonnaise. 


Following the large increase in the price of egg products due to the 2015 HPAI epornitic, the AEB established a campaign to promote Real Eggs which has been successful and has in large measure restored the volume of egg products in the commercial baking and confectionary industries.  It is obvious that check-off funds directed towards new product development using eggs and also promoting the inherent functional properties of eggs should be intensified to offset competition from alternatives.