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Hamlet Protein Presents Webinars to Maintain Contact with Clients


In a May 7th press release, Hamlet Protein, based in Denmark, with a production center in Finley, OH., noted the success of a series of webinars directed to the feed and intensive livestock industry.  Recently a program in China attracted 20,000 attendees.  Topics included feeding piglets and a ban on antibiotic growth promoters to be implemented in 2010.  Prior to the program, the technical director for Hamlet Protein in China, Dr. Eugene Li conducted an on-line poll to determine the range and identity of topics to be reviewed.


Hamlet Protein recently organized a webinar for North America with guest speakers reporting on availability of feed ingredients and the current market situation and outlook.


In the EU, Hamlet Protein presented webinars included replacement of sow milk, anti-nutritional factors and the changing circumstances in the market.


CEO of  Hamlet Protein, Erik Visser

CEO of Hamlet Protein, Erik Visser commented, “We want to keep close to our customers, also during these unprecedented times.  On-line events whether for group sessions or smaller meetings have proven very effective in continuing our technical support to customers around the world.”