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AEB Reports on Retail Egg Supply


Following panic buying in early March, the American Egg Board initiated weekly surveys to determine purchase patterns among consumers and the availability of eggs. Based on interviews of 1,000 consumers through the period May 1st- 4th, it was determined that egg supplies have increased.  Of those interviewed, 36 percent reported that shelves were fully stocked with eggs at their local stores representing a 38 percent increase over the survey conducted in mid-April.  Approximately one-half of respondents stated that there was no limit on the number of eggs they could purchase during a single visit to a supermarket.  This is down from 62 percent in mid-April.


In reviewing consumer purchasing trends, among heavy egg buyers classified by buying more than three dozen per month, 33 percent are purchasing more than usual, 57 percent purchased the same as usual and only 10 percent less than usual.  Among all egg consumers, 21 percent indicated that they are now purchasing more than usual, 66 percent the same as usual and 13 percent less than usual.


The implications from the consumer responses, irrespective of category of heavy egg buyers or of general consumers, it is likely that more egg will be consumed after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.  Despite the fact that restaurants are slowly opening in most states, a combination of habituation to home-meal preparation over the past six weeks of restrictions and the high unemployment rate will favor home cooking. Accordingly egg consumption will in all probability rise.