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Replacement Components for Old Cage and Floor Installations from Fasteners Resource


Fasteners Resource offers a range of products to prolong the operational life of old cage and floor systems requiring replacements and upgrades. Available components include:-

  • Cage floors, doors, partitions A-frames.
  • Durable curtains to replace flimsy OEM material
  • Feed trough either in stock or custom formed, brackets, chain and accessories.
  • Fabrication of obsolete and unobtainable parts including sprockets, bearings, drive motors and manure belt drives
  • Fasteners, tools and safety equipment


Fasteners Resources has welding, forming and bending capability to facilitate re-builds allowing restoration of existing barns without the need to replace systems, prolonging the life of houses thereby saving capital.


For additional information click on to the Fasteners Resource logo on the right side of the Welcome page or contact Todd Heimler at (248) 933 4868.