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SANOVO Technology Group Acquires SonoSteam from FORCE


Sanovo recently acquired SonoSteam, the developer of technology combining application of steam and ultrasound delivered from specially designed nozzles. The process provides efficient chemical-free decontamination for food products and non-food surfaces. A specially constructed treatment chamber that enhances the SonoSteam disinfection system also has wide use within the food industry for green produce, vegetables and fruit as well food contact surfaces including conveyors, trays, trolleys, crates and cutting knives etc.


SANOVO acquires all assets, patents, trademarks, name rights, production premises and will retain the technical staff related to the SonoSteam business that will be incorporated into SANOVO Biosecurity A/S with the current Division Director, Niels Krebs from SonoSteam, continuing as president.


Michael Midskov, CEO of SANOVO Technology Group stated, “we are proud of the acquisition of SonoSteam, which will allow us to offer environmental and friendly solutions for the removal and reduction of bacteria on table and hatchery eggs, and other food products. With SonoSteam, it is possible to effectively remove and reduce bacteria on washed plastic trays, pallets, shims, and conveyer belts in the egg industry, as well as in other industries where sterilization and bacteria removal is needed/. This is in line with our other business areas outside the egg industry”.


Juan Farré, CTO of FORCE Technology that supported SonoSteam noted , “we have spent many years developing and testing SonoSteam, and we believe it is time to bring these solutions to the market”