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Ovotrack Facilitates Blockchain Solution for U.S. Egg Producer


Farmers’ Hen House has used the services and installations of Ovotrack since 2016.  In May 2019 the company installed a Sanovo OptiGrader™ able to communicate with compatible Ovotrack Systems.

Farmers’ Hen House now has complete traceability of eggs from the time of collection from contractors’ cold stores through grading using bar codes allowing reconciliation of eggs collected and processed.  Data is uploaded to the Bytable™ blockchain platform.  A QR code is imprinted on free-range and organic egg cartons packed by Farmers’ Hen House.  Consumers can enter the lot code and ascertain the origin of the eggs, the day that they were collected when they were processed with complete transparency.

Ryan Miller, CEO of Farmers, Hen House noted "the Ovotrack solution was developed in an egg grading plant and that is why it is practical.  There is always something new with Ovotrack including monitoring of egg quality and quality assays".