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Target Raising Starting Wage to $15 per Hour


Target has raised the existing starting wage of $13 per hour to $15.  Since late March, Target has paid workers an additional $2 per hour as hazard pay that will now become permanent.  In announcing the increase, which will take effect on July 5th, a company spokesperson stated “team members have always been essential to Target’s success and the current crisis has only amplified how their work serves communities and families every day.” 


Target will also give hourly workers a one-time bonus of $200 at the end of July and will provide a number of benefits including free “virtual” doctor visits, backup child and family care, on- demand fitness classes, and free thermometers.  The action by Target is contrasted by Kroger withdrawing their “hero pay” of $2 per hour on May 17th,  the $3 per hour temporary raise extended by Starbucks and $2 per hour by Amazon.