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Comparison of Soybean Production in Brazil and the U.S.


According to a recent USDA-FAS GAIN report, production of soybeans by Brazil in the 2020/2021 market year beginning February 2020 will attain 130 million metric tons or 4.77 billion bushels.  According to the July 10th WASDE, the U.S. will produce 4.14 billion bushels of which 49.6 percent will be exported.  Brazil will export 64.6 percent of domestic production equivalent to 3.10 billion bushels. Yields in the U.S. and Brazil are similar at 49.8 and 51.0 bushels per acre respectively.


Brazil will crush 44.5 million tons of soybeans representing 1.63 billion bushels.  The equivalent figure for the U.S. is 2.2 billion bushels.


With respect to soybean meal production, Brazil will process 34.5 million metric tons compared to 51.0 million metric tons for their respective market years.