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Amazon to Debut Dash Cart


Amazon has developed an electronic cart that will be used in the proposed Woodland Hills, CA store due to open in the fall of 2020. The Amazon Dash Cart will employee vision algorithms and sense-all technology to provide “Just Walk Out” shopping.

On entering the store, customer will sign into an Amazon account by scanning the App QR code on a reader.  As items are selected from shelves and placed in bags on the cart, barcodes are read and recorded as a purchase. Fresh produce without barcodes are entered into the system by the shopper using an "add PLU item" button followed by the item number as is performed at a conventional checkout counter.


Customers can review the running tally of purchases on the Dash Cart screen.  On exiting the store through a designated Dash Cart lane, the transaction is recorded, and a receipt is E-mailed to the customer.  The Amazon-Dash Cart can be integrated with the customer’s Alexa shopping list.


The Amazon Dash Cart will not be available in existing Amazon Go Grocery or Whole Foods Market stores. The intention of Amazon to develop a new grocery concept has been circulating in the retail trade since early 2019.  Amazon acquired two store leases in New Jersey as a result of the Fairway bankruptcy reorganization but their intended 10,000 square foot store concept has yet to be revealed.  Existing Amazon Go stores range in extent from 1,500 to 2,500 square feet.