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Egg Nutrition Center Promotes Benefits to Dietitians


As part of their promotional activities the Egg Nutrition Center of the American Egg Board has identified the market represented by babies and children. The inherent nutritional value of eggs is emphasized in a program aimed at dietitians and pediatricians.



ICYMI: DGAC Report Recommends Eggs for Pregnant and Lactating Women, Babies and Toddler Earlier this month, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released their Scientific Report and recommended nutrient-dense eggs as an important food for pregnant and lactating women, babies and toddlers due to the nutrients (shout out to choline and vitamin D) and their role in potentially reducing the risk of developing an egg allergy with early introduction. See here for ENC’s statement about the Scientific Report and download this easily digestible infographic for your clients and patients. For practical ways to introduce eggs to babies, check out these baby-friendly recipes: