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Farm Journal Foundation Distributes Multimedia E-Resources for Schools


The Farm Journal Foundation has launched a collection of multi-media E-learning programs for schools.  The modules provide a view of agricultural production and emphasize sustainability, preservation of resources and husbandry of livestock.  Topics include production of California produce, corn and soybean cultivation in Mississippi and ranching in South Dakota.


Tricia Beal, CEO of the Farm Journal Foundation stated, "we believe these modules are perfectly timed to provide an interesting way for students and adults to learn not only about how their food is grown but also the culture, philosophy and values of the people who grow it". 


USPOULTRY and Egg Farmers of Canada have produced and posted virtual tours of egg farms on You Tube to educate consumers to the realities of production and processing of eggs. U.S. egg, broiler and turkey associations have also circulated teaching aids emphasizing, welfare, sustainability and food safety in the form of printed booklets, work sheets, CDs and video posts. These initiatives refute the distortions and falsehoods advanced by opponents of intensive livestock production promoting a vegan agenda.