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Eggland's Best Recognized by the Good Housekeeping Institute


According to a news release by Eggland's Best on September 15th, the Good Housekeeping Institute has verified the nutritional claims for Eggland's Best eggs in comparison to generics.  The nutrient profile of Eggland’s Best includs 25 percent less saturated fat, six times the level of Vitamin D3, double the level of Vitamin B12 and excellent sources of other nutrients.


The Good Housingkeeping Institute (GHI) rigorously tests and analyzes products to ensure that claims are legitimate.  Stefani Sassos, a registered dietician affiliated to the GHI stated, "we were impressed by superior nutritional qualities in EB eggs including double the omega-3 fatty acids the high level of Vitamin D compared to ordinary eggs".


On September 16th Ms. Sassos and Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, presented a program on preparing egg dishes on the official GHI Instagram site.  Ms. Jackson stated, "I only recommend Eggland's Best eggs to my loved ones and clients because they are the only eggs that offer superior nutrition ". 


Eggland's Best has received more than a hundred awards and honors for taste, nutrition, freshness and variety including American's Most Trusted Egg Brand by BrandSpark and America’s Most Recommended™ Egg by the Women's Choice Awards.


In commenting on the validation, Charley Lanktree, CEO of Eggland's Best stated, "we are honored to receive the Good Housekeeping verification which solidifies the commitment of Eggland's Best to producing the only egg with superior nutrition, freshness and taste".