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Northland Boom Expands Range of Disinfectant Spray Systems


The Northland Boom & Customs Spray Company in Holdingford, MN. has expanded their range of disinfectant sprayers.  The company offers: -





  • The Hurricane 360 cordless dispenser incorporating a 5-gallon tank, has a spray distance of up to 25 feet with a droplet size of 20-50 microns and is designed for internal use.
  • The Hurricane XL is also cordless, dispensing a droplet size of 10-120 microns as selected. The unit has a tank capacity of 35 gallons with a spray range of 25-50 feet to decontaminate large areas.
  • The Hurricane SP self-propelled model is designed for both inside and outside use since it is fitted fitted with all-terrain tires. The Hurricane SP can spray up to 50 feet delivering a droplet size ranging from 10-120 microns


For information on the Mist Maxx 360 range access <> or contact    <> or <Brent at>.