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Egg Consumption in Elderly Promoted by Recipes and Spice Packs


In a controlled study* conducted in Bournemouth, England, older adults were encouraged to increase egg intake during a 3-month trial period.  A cohort of 100 elderly adults was randomized to either receive or not receive egg-based recipes and spice packs for a twelve-week period from June through December 2016.  Egg intake increased by 4-5 eggs per month.  No difference in lean body mass were determined after the twelve-week experimental period and for a subsequent twelve weeks. It is unfortunate that the trial did not evaluate lipid panels and metabolic parameters or cognition.


*Van den Heuvel, al The provision of recipes in single-use herb/spice packets to increase egg and protein intake in community-dwelling older adults: A randomized control trial. Public Health Nutrition. 12 September 2020.