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Kroger to Incorporate AI in Novel Self-Checkout Technology


The love-hate relationship of consumers with self-checkout is exemplified in chains successively installing and then removing dedicated self-checkout lanes. Early systems were the source of frustration and consumers were disinclined to use what should have been a benefit.


In an attempt to redress the problem stemming from primitive systems Kroger has recruited the technology of Irish company, Everseen to facilitate self-checkout. Their system monitors the process of scanning and entering items and has the ability to autocorrect, expediting a transaction and obviating the need for a supermarket employee to intervene to resolve issues.  According to Chris Taylor, Chief Sales Officer for Everseen, “our unique visual AI technology is transforming the way retailers can manage their end-to-end operations to drive perpetual inventory accuracy, prevent stock loss, and empower autonomous processes”.  Subject to the trial in progress, Kroger intends installing the technology in 2,500 stores within the chain. The question arises as to whether Kroger has adopted an obsolete approach to check-out when competitors already have “just-walk-out” installations.