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Amazon Releases COVID Data


On October 1st Amazon released data on the incidence rate of COVID-19 among Amazon and Whole Foods Market employees.  For the period March 1st through September 19th, 19,816 cases were diagnosed or presumed among 1.37 million directly-employed workers.  The company recorded eight fatalities among those infected.  The incidence rate of 1.45 percent can be compared to 0.23 percent for the U.S. population assuming 7.4 million cases among the U.S. population of 230 million through September 30th.  Although Amazon stated that the infection rate was 42 percent lower than the "general population rate" the arithmetic as at variance with their statement.  The Amazon fatality rate from COVID was 0.005 percent compared to 0.06 percent for the U.S. population. This difference is presumably due to age, economic and demographic differences between Amazon employees and the U.S. population

Masks are now compulsory

Release of COVID prevalence data follows pressure by unions to quantify the extent of infection. The data on numbers of employees infected does not include approximately 80,000 non-permanent employees involved in home delivery. Amazon claims to have expended over $4 billion in preventive measures to protect workers against COVID with an emphasis on fulfillment centers.


By comparison, Walmart Stores the largest employers in the U.S. noted slightly less than one percent of 1.5 million employees who were diagnosed with COVID-19.