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Update on the Status of the IPPE.


The organizers of the IPPE circulated a message to stakeholders on Monday 7th October advising that work is still in progress to assess safety needs for the event and to review returned and the job placement opportunities surveys.  The organizers including USPOULTRY have committed to a go-no-go decision on October 22nd as to whether an in-person event will occur in 2021.  Factors that will guide the decision include willingness of exhibitors and attendees to gather in Atlanta in January and the incidence rate in Georgia and the home states of participants.


Given the current uncertainty and based on personal discussions, attendance will be light with minimal involvement by international exhibitors and attendees.  If the 2021 IPPE takes place, stringent health measures will be necessary, and many programs will probably be presented remotely.


It would be unfortunate if the 2021 IPPE were to be cancelled.  USPOULTRY obtains considerable funding from the event that is used to support educational programs and research.  In addition, young scientists and recent graduates will be unable to benefit from the platform and poster presentations at the International Poultry Science Forum and job placement opportunities.


It is hoped that the 2021 IPPE will take place in some form with in-person attendance.  This said, no trade exhibition, educational program or venue for association meetings is worth the risk of extending the duration and severity of a serious disease which to date has sickened seven million and taken the lives of 210,000 of our fellow citizens.


The IPPE website and EGG-NEWS will include information on the status of the event with regular updates.