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Hotraco Egg Flow Controller


Based on experience with both in-line and off-line plants in the EU and North America, Hotraco-Agri B.V. of Holland has introduced an upgraded egg flow control system for initial or retro-fit installation that reduces breakage and optimizes packer capacity.


Features of the Hotraco Egg Flow Control and counting system include the capability of simultaneous egg collection from a number of barns generally referred to as “blended collection”.  The egg controller will also allow collection from individual barns with counting and ensuring a regular flow to the grader.


Hotraco egg counters claim an accuracy of 99.5 percent and are suitable for barns equipped with either cages or aviaries systems optimizing egg flow contributing to packer efficiency.


Hotraco systems are installed and maintained by expert engineers with 24/7 support available.

U.S. agents are Val-Co Systems located in New Holland, PA. a prominent supplier to the egg industry.


Additional information can be accessed on the Hotraco website 

The Val-Co website provides U.S. contact information.