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Zero Egg Launches in the U.S.


Using World Egg Day as a point of emphasis, Zero Egg launched both Egg Basics and Bake Basics on October 9th directed to the food service industry.  Both products will challenge the plant-based egg substitute from Just that is based on mung-beans


Zero Egg was developed by founder and CEO, Liron Nimrodi in 2018 working in the Kitchen FoodTech Hub, a technology incubator in Israel. The product incorporates plant proteins from soybeans, potato, peas and chickpeas and was developed specifically for the food service industry. Zero Egg claims lower fat and calorie content compared to conventional eggs.  Zero Egg is currently marketed in Israel and in the EU.  The U.S. subsidiary has partnered with Gordon Food Service for distribution and operates a manufacturing plant in Cookeville, TN.


Isabelle Francois, GM of Zero Egg North America stated, "we are launching the egg-for- everyone on World Egg Day to crack old food paradigms and proudly demonstrate that Zero Egg is the best choice as the only plant-based egg ".She added, "now it is time to disrupt the plant-based egg category and become the leader by offering the most ethical, tasty, versatile and economical egg alternative".


Egg Basics™ can be used for traditional egg entrees and breakfast dishes.  Bake Basics™ was developed for specialty baking.  Both products are presented as a fine powder that is reconstituted with oil and water.


Mario Rodriguez, executive chef for Zero Egg stated, "the product can be used to make scrambles, omelets, quiches, French-toast, waffles and many other dishes".