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Oskaloosa Food Products Integrates Ovotrack™ with Sage X3


Oskaloosa Food Products in Iowa was featured in a recent Ovotrack newsletter. The Company has introduced an OvoTtack solution to integrate their 2019 system with the company Sage X3 ERP system.


All eggs produced by Oskaloosa Food Products are labeled with a unique tag for each pallet.  Ovotrack records the weight of each pallet on the electronic tag.  As eggs are loaded onto a collection vehicle, both pallet tags and the unique barcode for the truck are scanned.  Ovotrack generates a bill of lading by recording individual pallet tags and the total weight.  This documents eggs produced by Oskaloosa Farms and confirms the weights and quantities as pallets are transferred to the receiving cooler.  Eggs from external suppliers are labeled at the point of unloading at the plant. 

Since the Ovotrack and Sage X3 systems are integrated Oskaloosa Food Products operates with a real time inventory and a record of the farm producing eggs.  Pallets are scanned as eggs are loaded onto the breaker automatically removing them from inventory. The input weight is used to calculate yield an essential management parameter.


According to the Oskaloosa CFO, Brad Hodges, implementation went according to plan with cooperation between the Ovotrack and Sage teams in Holland and local technical personnel.