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Walmart and Amazon Score High on Brand Spark Customer Survey


The Eighth Annual Brand Sparks / Newsweek, Most Trusted Award (BMTA) recently released the results of a survey involving perceptions of trust among 10,000 American shoppers.  Approximately one fifth of consumers identified an E-site considered to have implemented an appropriate response to COVID-19.  Almost the same proportion expressed negative perceptions based on delayed deliveries and the support of workers.


Robert Levy, President of Brand Spark International noted "while the dramatic spike in online shopping has led to broader exposure of an array of brands, the survey findings show consumers still gravitate to brands that provide consistency, quality and fair prices.


Walmart overwhelmingly won on grocery pick-up with almost half of the “trust” share.  Kroger had nine percent of the trust category considering prices with H-E-B at 3.2 percent.  Trust related to grocery delivery was even between Amazon and Walmart with Instacart a close third.