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Ahold Delhaize Intensifying Omni Channel Activities


U.S. Ahold Banners

Following a 115% growth in online sales during the third quarter of fiscal 2020, Ahold Delhaize is intensifying programs appropriate to current consumer patterns.  The U.S. banners of Ahold Delhaize offer home delivery and click-and-collect, but capacity will be increased from the current 90 percent of stores to total coverage in 2021.  This will involve all 1,400 locations in the U.S., doubled since the beginning of 2020.


The Giant Company banner will offer a subscription service with an annual membership fee of $100 offering preferential delivery service. 


To support an increase in online services, Ahold Delhaize will activate the self-distribution model with an integrated distribution center commencing operation during 2021.