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Demand for Cookbooks for COVID-Related Home Cooking



The NPD Group determined that sales for cookbooks, mainly for bread, increased sharply for the first nine months of 2020.  Over 200,000 more bread cookbooks were sold in the U.S. this year than in 2019.  This reflects a general trend in demand for cookbooks and recipes consistent with home cooking.


According to Kristin McLean of NPD, “Many people found more time to cook when pandemic mitigation efforts began, leading to more experimentation and increasingly complex meals.”  McLean opined that with continuation of the COVID pandemic and the approach of winter, the trend to home cooking will continue, creating a demand for recipes that may be satisfied by both print and electronic media.


The American Egg Board has promoted eggs for both institutional and domestic meals.  The approach of the festive season may well exceed the pattern in previous years.  It is hoped that eggs will feature in home cooking and baking to the benefit of producers and consumers.