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Zero Egg Raises U.S. Funding


Zero Egg Inc. based in Israel has raised $5 million in venture capital, bringing their U.S. total to $8 million.  The company manufactures a substitute egg product in the U.S. based on soy protein and pea flour and  intends to market products to food service and for industrial baking.


Investors include Power Plant Ventures, Unovis Asset Management-New Crop Capital and the StrassGroup-The kitchen Hub.


In commenting on the investment Dan Y. Altschuler representing investors as a Board Member of Zero Egg stated "The egg category is massive and the potential to disrupt it with an accessible plant-based solution is fairly untapped in the food industry. As investors, we are looking forward to continuing to support the expansion of Zero Egg in the U.S. market,"


Zero with a business-to-business model will represent aggressive competition in plant-based egg substitutes although Just, scheduled to commence production in Singapore for the Asian market and by Crack'd backed by Noble Foods in the U.K. are oriented to consumers.