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Additional Outbreaks of H5N8 HPAI in Europe


According to the Ministry of Agriculture in France, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), strain H5N8 was isolated from pet birds on the Isle of Corsica in the Mediterranean.  Based on the event and concurrent outbreaks among poultry and wild birds in western and northern Europe, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a state of alert for the entire nation of France presumably requiring all commercial poultry flocks to be confined.


Reuters reported that H5N8 HPAI infected a flock of 25,000 chickens in Denmark.  The outbreak followed mortality in wild birds from which H5N8 was isolated. 


Germany has reported HPAI in a flock of 16,000 turkeys in northern Germany attesting to the widespread dissemination of H5N8 virus in Europe.

Restrictions in Denmark