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Phibro Report Favorable Response to EASE Autogenous Vaccines


In 2019 Phibro Animal Health introduced a range of autogenous inactivated oil emulsion vaccines with high antigenicity.  The Enhanced Antigen Surface Expression (EASE™) products are based on the ability of pathogens deprived of nutrients to express surface proteins to facilitate absorption.  Nutrients are captured by these proteins responding to an upregulation of genes by Gram-negative bacteria including  Salmonella and E.coli


EASE technology provides a high level of immunogenic proteins that will stimulate immune response.


Since introduction in 2019, EASE autogenous vaccines have demonstrated a high antibody response with minimal tissue reaction associated with the lower volume administered and the relative absence of endotoxins.

Phibro autogenous and other oil emulsion vaccines are now being injected using an advanced vaccinator that monitors dose and number of birds vaccinated.