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Cal-Maine Pullet Houses in Florida Destroyed by Fire


According to numerous local news reports, a fire destroyed two out of four pullet rearing houses on a Cal-Maine farm near Tampa in Pasco County, FL.  Local fire companies responded to the call at 01h00 on December 17th.  There were no injuries among staff or first responders, but approximately 250,000 pullets were lost.


The cause of the fire is under investigation.  News reports noted that propane stored in tanks within houses contributed to the conflagration with one exploding.


News reports stated that three houses were involved, but a review of the images from a Channel 10 helicopter confirmed the loss of two adjacent houses positioned in close proximity.


Estimated loss, including housing and pullets, is estimated at over $8 million allowing $3 per bird and $30 for erecting a house, installing equipment and repair of site services.