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Michael Regan Nominated as EPA Administrator


Michael Regan, currently Head of the North Carolina EPA has been nominated by President- elect Biden to be the next Administrator of the EPA.


Regan earned a BS degree in Earth and Environmental Science from NC Agricultural Rural and Technical State University (NCA&T) and a Master's degree in Public Administration from George Washington University.


Regan served previously in the EPA under both Democratic and Republican Presidents and he is regarded as competent, science-based and with an ability to bring people together to advance environmental issues and seek solutions to challenges associated with climate change.

Michael Regan Nominated as
Administrator of the EPA


The National Pork Producers Council commented favorably on his nomination noting that he "always had an open door, valued diverse points of view and work to find solutions that ensured science and data were guiding decisions”.  The National Cattlemen's Beef Association indicated a readiness to engage with Mr. Regan on environmental issues averring that cattle producers rely on clean water, air and soil for the health of their livestock and families”


Commentators in academia and the political sphere point to the extensive reconstruction and rebuilding that will be necessary at the EPA including restoration of the morale of the career staff.  Regan faces the challenge of rescinding rules issued during the past four years.  In his position, he should have the support of Brenda Mallory, who will lead the Council on Environmental Quality and also from Gina McCarthy, previously an Administrator of the EPA under President Obama, who will lead the White House office of Climate Policy to coordinate domestic efforts.