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Vegan Egg Developed in France


A startup, Le Papondu, in France has created a vegan egg that is claimed to match the nutritional profile of a real egg.  According to an article in The Beet a vegetarian-oriented publication, the product was created by two student entrepreneurs using a $25,000 stake raised on Kickstarter. 


This exercise demonstrates the ease by which a faux egg can be created.  This raises questions why JUST has required millions of dollars of venture capital for a similar product.


The claims relating to nutritional content should be carefully scrutinized, since vegan egg substitutes using legume protein lack the amino acid and vitamin profile of real eggs.  Supplementation of a vegetable alternative would require an extremely long label with "unpronounceable" words such as ‘cyanocobalamine’ (actually Vitamin B12) among many others. “Additives” that are effectively nutrients are an anathema to uninformed foodies seeking "clean labels".


The Le Papondu product has yet to be marketed commercially.