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Food Retailers in Los Angeles County Impacted by COVID


Supermarkets and groceries in Los Angeles County are experiencing an escalation in numbers of their employees becoming infected with COVID-19. In large measure the incidence rate over the present month is a reflection of the situation in the entire county.  Health authorities are now investigating outbreaks at 490 commercial establishments compared with 173 in November.  The County defines an outbreak as three or more cases amongst staff over a 14-day period.


Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, Chief Medical Officer for LA County stated, “The number of outbreaks is extraordinary – we have just never has this many.”  Companies that have been affected include Food 4 Less, Trader Joe’s, Whole Food Market, Sprouts Farmers Market and small grocery stores.


Currently the LA Times has documented outbreaks at banks, pharmacies, hardware stores and post offices consistent with community spread of COVID-19.