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AEB Promotes Egg Breakfast Menu for Wendy’s


The American Egg Board recently introduced a program designed to promote the recovery of the food-service segment.  The AEB has enlisted social media to popularize new breakfast sandwiches made with real eggs served in Wendy's restaurants in six key markets.


John Li, VP of Culinary Innovation at Wendy's stated, "our partnership through the new AEB program helped us expand on consumer demand for a high-quality breakfast by highlighting the inclusion of real, fresh-cracked eggs on our breakfast sandwiches and inspiring drive-through and delivery orders across our key markets”.

Emily Metz president AEB

The AEB has developed a number of resources to promote eggs through food service.  These include

  • Boosting Breakfast Business - to support smaller chains and independent operators
  • Made with REAL Eggs™ - a certification indicating the use of real egg ingredients in menu servings
  • Incredible Egg Trends Special Addition - guidance for food-service operators with advice on menus suitable for take-away and home delivery menus


Emily Metz, President and CEO of the American Egg Board stated, "as a trusted partner to the food service industry the AEB is now investing in helping restaurants of all shapes and sizes safely drive traffic during the pandemic by leveraging The Incredible Egg versatility, functional benefits and popularity with consumers”.