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Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee Reveals COVID Rescue Package


David Scott (D-GA), Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, released details of a $16.1 billion package that will be a component of the comprehensive Coronavirus Relief Bill.  The provisions of the House agriculture proposal will be $3.6 billion for food donations to alleviate hunger, $1 billion for nutrition assistance to Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories, $1 billion to improve land access and for legal assistance to black, indigenous and farmers of color.  The House Agriculture Committee proposal will include extension of SNAP benefits until September 30th with a 15 percent increase. 


Rep. Scott is also in favor of debt relief for disadvantaged farmers with respect to money borrowed through USDA programs.  This component of the package will amount to $4 billion.  This initiative corresponds to the announced Justice for Black Farmers Act that is intended to expand black ownership of farmland and participation of minorities in agriculture.


Representative Glenn Thompson (R-PA) the ranking member of the Agriculture Committee is opposed to the package claiming it is “neither targeted nor adequate for farm families.”