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Personal Shopper - A Growing Employment Category


Walmart now employs close to 200,000 workers specifically involved in picking items from shelves and coolers and assembling orders for pickup and delivery.  The pressure of assembling orders at a rate of 200 items per hour requires commitment and knowledge of a store together with a sense of dedication even though assisted by handheld scanners listing of items for each order and their location. 


Walmart starts personal shoppers at $13 per hour, more than the current $11 minimum wage.  Virtually all stores including Target and Kroger and Albertson’s banners and smaller and more specialized retailers are now using personal shoppers to meet the demands of online ordering.  Walmart has apparently transferred many sales associates to personal shopping. This is regarded as a route for advancement and higher wages.  Downsides to the position include fatigue, lack of contact with customers and "feeling like a robot".


Most companies that have introduced personal shopping to fulfill online orders anticipate that demand will continue after recovery from the COVID-19 restrictions. There are indications that consumers, especially in suburban areas prefer purchasing produce and meat in a brick-and-mortar location especially with convenience features and enhancements provided by  “destination stores”