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Vaxxinova® Announces Approval of Vaxxon® SRP® Pasteurella Vaccine


Dr. Jim Sandstrom

Vaxxinova® U.S., (formerly Epitopix) has announced USDA approval of Vaxxon® SRP® Pasteurella vaccine.  The product is an effective, innovative and safe vaccine against fowl cholera in chickens.  The product is especially usefully for long-term protection of broiler breeders.  In efficacy studies the vaccine was totally protective against mortality following challenge with USDA reference strain X-73.  No adverse reactions were observed in an extensive field study with broiler breeders.


According to Dr. Jim Sandstrom, Managing Director of Vaxxinova U.S., “Vaxxon SRP Pasteurella vaccine uses innovative SRP technology.  The lipopolysaccharides (LPS) that function as endotoxinsendotoxins are removed from the vaccine, and the key siderophore receptor proteins serve as immunogens, stimulating both cellular and humoral immune response.”  Sandstrom added, “In addition, the removal of the LPS reduces the risk for adverse effects commonly observed with whole-cell bacterins.”


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