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Labor Disputes Continue at Argentine Export Port


Previously CHICK-NEWS has commented on the labor unrest in the Argentine port hub of Rosario and at soybean crushing plants in the vicinity.  In December 2020, unions representing oilseed plant employees, grain inspectors and port workers staged a 20-day strike for higher wages and benefits.  A 24-hour strike was called for Friday March19th suggesting that negotiations to resolve the December issue are still of concern to workers.


The continuing labor unrest is a direct result of the high inflation rate in Argentina attributed to mismanagement of the economy by a socialist government. This situation has established a cycle of strikes, increased wages and then further disruptions with subsequent demands for higher remuneration. 


Prolonged interruption of either soybean crushing in San Larenzo or disruption of shipping from Rosario impacts world prices for soybeans, soybean meal and oil. This has an effect on world prices ultimately increasing the cost of production for poultry and livestock in the U.S.