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Crafty Counter Produces Vegetable-Based Hard Cooked Egg Substitute


Crafty Counter has developed Wunder Eggs™ simulating hard-cooked peeled eggs.  The  ‘white’ comprises agar and an extract from nuts. The simulated yolk is based on plant material colored with turmeric.  The company claims that the product has a shelf life of 90-days.  The ingredient list includes cashews, almonds, coconut milk, nutritional yeast, organic turmeric extract, agar, black salt, and probiotics.  The product does not have the nutritional value of eggs with negligible quantities of coline, lutein, minerals, and both fat and water-soluble vitamins.  The company believes it can market the simulated egg at a price of $5 for a two-pack. This would be noncompetitive compared to conventional hard cooked peeled eggs. 


Hemma Reddy developer of an egg substitute

Crafty Counter cannot simply sell this egg by deprecating the production of conventional eggs invoking welfare and sustainability. Based on price Wunder Egg™ is a commercial non-starter.