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Walmart to Hire 20,000 Associates for Distribution and Fulfillment Centers


Walmart intends to expand their employee patroll by 20,000.  Jobs will be available in 250 Walmart and Sam’s Club distribution centers and fulfillment centers.  Positions will be offered for order-fillers, freight-handlers, forklift-drivers, technicians and management.  All positions will be permanent and offered in full- or part-time capacity.  Average wage for supply chain associates is $20.37 per hour. 


Walmart has invested in developmentof empoyees with growth opportunities. The Company will open six new Walmart Academies to support their supply chain operations.  Attendees will receive classroom and direct floor-training focused on supply chain skills in addition to leadership and communications.  Walmart gained experience in training in 2020 with 6,000 associates passing through the Academy.  All employees are eligible to participate in the Live Better U. to earn Bachelor’s level degrees debt free with Walmart paying all of the costs of tuition and books.  Walmart will be offering medical coverage at a cost of  $30.50 per pay period that will include maternity and paternal benefits, health care focussed on specific demographics, veterans and military-spouse support.  Employees will receive a $150 cash bonus to receive a COVID vaccination before October 4th.