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Nabati Foods Global Inc Launches Plant Eggz™ in the U.S.


Nabati Foods of Canada has entered the U.S. market offering Nabati Plant Eggz™.  The product is manufactured using lupin and pea protein and is claimed to be a substitute for egg liquid with 100 calories, six grams of protein and two grams of fiber in each serving.  The product will be sold as a liquid in 10-ounce bottles for $6.99.  As with other substitute plant-based eggs on the market, the real egg equivalent cost is approximately $1 per egg.  This means that for every bottle of Nabati Plant Eggz ™ to serve seven meals, a consumer could purchase five dozen eggs at approximately $1.45 at current shelf prices.  Nabati Foods Global is also offering a package of two bottles of egg liquid and two bags of plant-based cheese for $15 including shipping.


Hopefully their customer base will be attracted by claims of welfare and sustainability and not be capable of simple arithmetic.